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Wildlife Removal from Attics in Salt Lake City, UT

Nothing says safety, protection, and comfort to a wild animal like your attic. Raccoons, rats, bats, and squirrels are always trying to find a completely dry area to rear a family. They rip open your roof covering, damage your soffits and eaves, and contaminate your home with harmful droppings. We will remove them in ways that are both safe and humane.

Wild Animal Trappers

Our team is educated on the most recent advanced removal methods to catch all types of wildlife, both inside your residence and out in your backyard. We exercise the most gentle animal control techniques possible, and comply with all Utah State laws, and Salt Lake County regulations relating to removing wildlife and trapping. We are proud to offer wildlife pest control services the surrounding areas of North Salt Lake, West Jordan, West Valley City, Park City, South Jordan, Spanish Fork, Woods Cross, North Ogden, and more!

Salt Lake City Wildlife Damage Repair & Re-Entry Prevention

Getting your unwanted wildlife gone is just half the battle. A true pest removal solution means you require a person that can seal all the entry points (where your hairy pals got in at the start), and repair the damage they created when ripping up your wood panels, soffits, eaves and vents. Our team comes in handy and capable of making any type of repairs you need.

Attic clean-up and insulation

If you have had a family of animals living in your crawl space, they have probably made a huge mess that they did not worry about cleaning up. Animal waste left in an attic (like bat guano) can be harmful! Do not attempt to remove the waste on your own without specialized training or devices. Get the pros at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Salt Lake City in there to safely sanitize your attic and replace your damaged or trashed insulation.

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals in Salt Lake City can leave an icky smell with their decomposing bodies. This can be a big problem for the home owner and also may pose health hazards to your family. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Salt Lake City will safely remove dead animal from your property so you don’t have to deal with it! We even offer wildlife removal services on weekends, which is great if you need a dead animal removed.

Dead animal odors can be very difficult to remove and may require a lot of time. This is because the odor lingers for a long period until it’s removed with proper steps. Odor control is vital because a decomposing body releases gases, which are the cause of this unpleasant stench. When animals die inside buildings or homes, chances are they will swell up and burst.

Dead animals may be found in the attic, inside walls, under beds, or deep in cabinets and shelves. Rodents and other small pests are known to crawl into attics and die there. Large infestations of these creatures can cause damage if left unchecked. Once the odor permeates throughout your entire house, it becomes totally disgusting and may cause you to want to live in a hotel until the issue has been resolved.

Racoon Removal:

Raccoons are smart little animals, however we are even craftier! You could confuse us with the FBI because we always catch our bandits. If you have raccoons running around in your attic, our team of animal specialists is skilled in raccoon removal and will remove these nocturnal animals with care.

Salt Lake City Raccoons are considered to be pests because they carry diseases such as rabies and distemper (which affects the respiratory system). They can do serious damage to your attic and will cause your roof to leak, which is a major issue for homeowners. The most common way that raccoons enter attics are through vents or chimneys so you may need insulation installed after we remove them. They also have been known to chew on wiring which could lead to an electrical fire!

If you have raccoons stomping around in your attic, you need to give us a call immediately for raccoon removal! We are the best nuisance wildlife animal trappers around. We can remove raccoons before you can blink!

Rat Control:

Salt Lake City Rats are a pain and that’s a FACT. We will entirely resolve your rat issue (pronto!) and clean up the mess they left behind. We are the very best rat removal service provider around! If you even suspect that you’ve got rats in your house, beware!

If they are not dealt with, rat droppings can transmit a number of diseases and infections. The most common among them is Weil’s disease or leptospirosis that may cause jaundice, fever, abdominal pain, muscle aches and headaches. And don’t forget the risk of viral infection like Hantavirus, which is very BAD NEWS.

So what can you do about it? Well, our Salt Lake City rat control experts will come and inspect your property to see where the rats are coming from. This will help us determine if there is an opening for them in your home or garage, etc., which needs to be sealed up. Then we will set out traps near these small entry points and then BAM! Rat no more.

Rat removal in your Salt Lake City home or business is easy as pie with a rat control expert. We use humane methods that will eliminate the rat population, making sure there are none left to reproduce and keep on multiplying. Saved you from being overrun by rats? Yup, we certainly have! Give us a call today at

Bat Removal:

Bat control is a vital part of our nuisance wildlife pest control program for Salt Lake City homeowners. Bats are the last thing you need hanging over your head. If you really need your bats removed, we will safely evict them and secure the entrance points.

Bats will build up guano on the surfaces below where they are roosting; this is one of their calling cards for potential roosting spots. They also produce an odor that is unmistakable. This guano can be very hazardous. Proper bat control is a simple but important step to take in protecting your home and family from potential health hazards. We would like you to feel confident that we can help with any wildlife problem, no matter how big or small.

If you need bat control in Salt Lake City, call today to schedule a consultation.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels in your attic can cause damage in your home by chewing on electrical wire insulation which leads not only to expensive repair bills but also an increased chance of fires breaking out. If a damaged or frayed wire is live it becomes a serious fire hazard.

This is because squirrels in Salt Lake City are more likely to chew on both the insulation and the copper wire resulting in an electrical connection that allows current to escape from the worn spot where they’re chewing, which can result in leaks of electricity and sparks with enough force to ignite nearby flammable material.

Don’t let a squirrel burn your house down! Call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Salt Lake City at 801-960-4876 to schedule a squirrel removal consultation. We will come out and assess your situation, then provide an estimate of services with absolutely no obligations.

Skunk Removal

Skunk control is usually required any time you see skunks shuffling around in your yard or garden. Skunk odors are truly terrible, and this is why you want them gone as soon as possible.

Salt Lake City skunk removal should be taken seriously because skunks will spray when threatened by a potential predator such as an approaching human being; they may also do so if one of their dens has been disturbed by a pet or a family member.

Call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Salt Lake City at 801-960-4876 to schedule a squirrel removal consultation

Bird Control

Birds can be a big issue because they leave droppings that are acidic, and can cause corrosion on pipes. Mold spores that thrives in damp environments could make you ill or worse if not dealt with quickly. Birds often build nests inside vents which clog the vent system and impede airflow leading to low temperatures (talk about heating/cooling costs)

Avian fecal material can be extremely hazardous to anyone who comes into contact with it. Do not try to evict them and decontaminate the space yourself. We come highly recommend for bird control for all homes in Salt Lake City. We will humanely remove your birds and seal up any entry holes and small openings so they cannot get back in.

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What makes us the very best wildlife control service for you?

We’ve devoted the last 15 years developing one of the most effective wildlife control businesses in Salt Lake City and in the state of Utah. We are:

  • Prompt, well-mannered, and professional
  • Enthusiastic about our profession and securing your house
  • Gifted trappers that appreciate the animals we deal with
  • Caring and humane
  • Masters at carpentry and home repair

We are fully certified, insured, and extremely well reviewed on Google. We did not grow into the best by making our customers anything but totally pleased!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Exactly who do I call to remove wild animals?

A: That depends on the animal. If you have a feral canine or feline that needs to be removed, you should really call your local Animal Control department. If the animal you need removed is a woodland creature (like a raccoon, bat, rat, or snake), at that point you would certainly call a Salt Lake City based Wildlife Removal service (like us!).

Q: Just how do you get rid of wild animals?

A: The process for getting rid of wild animals differs based on the animal. Bats commonly need to be excluded from an attic. Raccoon control and Squirrel removal need to be done through humane trapping, relocation, and release.

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